Cabinet Flechner

Succ. A. de Carsalade de Pont

When your intellectual property rights are infringed by a competitor we assist you in the pre-litigation and dispute procedures required to enforce these rights. We also assist you in eventual settlement negotiations.

Anti-counterfeiting measures

  • Verification of rights
  • Seizures of counterfeit products (preparation of requests, assistance to enforcement officers in seizure proceedings, etc.)
  • Cooperation with lawyers in the preparation of case files and the establishment of technical and legal arguments.

Pre-litigation procedures

  • Amicable interventions
  • Negotiation
  • Assistance in mediation

Legal disputes

  • Legal strategy
  • Preparation of case files
  • Handling of court procedures alongside barristers and/or solicitors

Arbitration / Mediation

  • Definition of objectives and strategy
  • Preparation of case files
  • Handling of procedures


Patent matters:

Albert Eidelsberg, LicenciƩ en Droit, Chemical Engineer of ESCL


Trademarks and other matters except patents:

David Bilquey, ESSEC 1990, French and European Trademark Attorney