Cabinet Flechner

Succ. A. de Carsalade de Pont

In 1919, Albert de CARSALADE de PONT established himself as Ingénieur Conseil en Brevet (Patent Engineer Counselor). A graduate from the highly prestigious and respected engineering school Ecole Polytechnique and from the military Navy School or Ecole Navale, he quickly set the highest standards for the firm, standards that have stood the test of time and have remained the hallmarks of the firm, combining high quality work for solving ever increasingly difficult technical and juridical IP matters with extreme rigor in IP administrative works.

In 1964, two partners Mr Lourié and Mr Flechner succeeded to Mr A de Carsalade du Pont at the head of the firm. Under this era it had become one of the most famous and respected patent practice firm in France. Under the impulsion of Mr Willy Flechner, who was a native speaking German, the firm expanded worldwide and became renowned for servicing foreign customers. In particular it became the representatives before the French Patent Office for some of the biggest German industrial firms, for which, almost 50 years later, we are still operating.

In 1999, Mr Willy Flechner went into retirement and Mr Albert Eidelsberg became the managing director of the board and is still today.

At the start in 1919, The seat of the firm was established at 34 Avenue des Champs Elysées, and remained there till 1974, when, in view of the constant and sustained growth experienced of the firm, the offices had become too small and unpractical for modern practice. and it was decided to move one block away on 22 Avenue de Friedland, from where we are still operating today.

The firm was initially founded as a Societé Civile and has remained so as at today. Since the very beginning, the firm was a member of the Compagnie des Ingénieurs Conseils en Propriété Industrielle, which became in 1991 the Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété industrielle (CNCPI). The firm is run today by three main partners.